Sunday, 23 January 2011

Things I won't take for granted

This morning I had papaya juice with breakfast. I was blown away by the option, but my friend Mandy just shrugged her shoulders and said “That’s what we drink here.”

I guess many of us take for granted the things around us. Last weekend Mandy and I went to Mirador on the road to El Salvador. I could have stood there staring at the view for hours; even the drive up the mountain was breathtaking. Yet thousands of people drive that route on their way to work everyday without notice. Every time I walk to the supermarket I pass by a little outdoor florist selling beautiful and exotic flowers , not to mention the trees with koosh ball flowers that I pass everyday on my way to work. Twice last week I saw goats crossing the road in the middle of Guatemala City. My mother asked me how they didn’t get hit. I guess they looked both ways [rimshot]

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